Hey there, I’m Tracey, Melbourne based photographer, writer, educator and entrepreneur.

I follow the old adage – ‘Watch one, do one, teach one’. I believe knowledge should be shared and the fastest way to success and happiness is when we work together, not in competition, with each other.

After living with chronic illness for over a decade, I’ve learnt to embrace the joy in life and say “yes” to experiences over possessions. In 2015-2017, my little family saw a break in the clouds of my illness we dove through it and spent nearly two years travelling the world, embracing new experiences and meeting open minded, life-loving people around the globe. We are now settled in Melbourne, Australia where we are working towards careers that matter and fill our hearts with purpose and enthusiasm.

At heart, I’m a storyteller, and I try to imbue that character trait into all aspects of my work and personal life. I believe life should be lived not just endured, that we should seek out and bring beauty into the transient, imperfect perfection of everyday moments.

I strive to live a creative life, and to that end, I wish to build a career around my passions and to pass that knowledge and experience onto others whenever possible.

self portrait