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It would be fair to say that 2018 and I haven’t been the best of friends. There were some health issues to resolve. I under went surgery. Spent time in hospital, out of hospital, back in hospital, out again and, yeah, back in again, until I finally got to be out, again. We’ve been running tests, more tests, and few more tests. Rehab with the physio. More tests, followed by a few more tests, and finally I had some tests done. I do believe, touch wood, that I am now all done with tests and hospitals and rehab. I still have health issues, but we probably can’t understand them any better with any more tests.

With that finally sorted, I’ve had more time and energy to brain writing related endevours. I’ve revived some floundering works in progress, and I have to say, I’ve realy enjoyed re-reading my own work. There have been some really cringe worthy moments of “why did I ever write that?” and “what was I even trying to say there?” On the whole, I’ve been inspired to continue working on two projects and to dedicate more time to practicing the craft of writing.

One of the ways I’ve given myself more time and brain space for working on crafting the perfect prose, has been by deleting Facebook off my phone, again. I only allow myself a once or twice a week checkin when on my computer and it’s strictly limited to a 25 minute browse. It’s amazing how freeing this has been, and how many extra hours one can find in their day. I’ve even started using Duolingo again! And, as you can tell from this very post, I’m even starting to update my rather neglected blog.

I can see that my Be Focussed app is about to count down to zero, and that’s time for me to get off this blog,  have a Pilates exercise break and get refocused on my next writing task.

À plus tard, mon ami.


Tracey Ambrose
"Don't be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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