Week one done & dusted

Most exciting news for me is that I’ve just tipped passed the half way mark at the end of the first week of camp! That’s 25,000 words!

I’ve also achieved the following badges this week:

Chatty and nosey
Swimming Lessons
Written 10,000 words
5,000 words in one day
Non stop for 1 hour
Earn this one for writing during a break (I did it by working around playing with my son)
I did finally put down the laptop (then promptly picked it up again a few minutes later)
Average 1667 words a day, I’m hitting over 3.5k
I’m assuming sending 10 encouraging postcards counts
Pretty much everything I write is on the computer
Not telling :p
Don’t tell anyone, but I do my best writing in bed, or on the bed, for some reason I think better with blankets on my lap and pillows behind my head.
This one was actually really hard at times. At one point I decided to take a 20 minute meditation break, only to stop halfway through when inspiration struck!

Phew! And so endeth week one of camp. Lets go week 2!

Camp Stats for Sunday 7th April

Your Average Words Per Day: 3,575
Total Words Written: 25,030
Words written today: 6,159
Total Words Remaining: 24,970
Current Day: 7
Days Remaining: 24
At This Rate You Will Finish On: April 15, 2013

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