Under 5000 to go

so close
so close

That’s right folks, I have under 5,000 words left to write before I reach my first ever camp nanowrimo goal of 50,000 words in 30 days. I could sit back and write a poultry 284 words a day and still finish camp on time, stick to my current writing schedule and write all 50,000 words in the next two days or less or try a valiant attempt to finish them all before I go to bed tonight – what will happen? Who knows, it’s a mystery.

Does this mean that I will have finished my novel? No. I will still have around 30,000 words to write before I finish this particular story arc. I am not going to alter my goal to reflect that figure because I would like to reward myself for succeeding with my original goal for the month and would rather not undermine that success if I don’t manage to finish the extra 30k.

I may update my snazzy new ticker on the side of this blog that currently states my camp goal, to reflect my novel goal instead.

Other thoughts, I’m getting a little excited about studying the process of editing and revising my own work but at the same time I’m not hugely interested in doing it for this particular novel. Why? Because I started this novel as an experiment in writing. I wanted to complete a novel, fully planned, from beginning to end. Realise the entire plot and teas out a few subplots. I don’t feel like this story is my own, exactly, the world is mine, the characters are mostly mine, but a great deal of the plot outline, the story arc and progression is inspired by Dragonflight. That was my intention to begin with. I wanted to see if I could follow a precise outline, to create a unique world and fill it with my own words and ideas without having to think too hard about it. I’ve done that. I believe I’ve strayed a great deal from the original inspiration (there are no dragons in my story for one). The reason I chose Dragonflight is that I wanted the “enemy” to be similar to “Thread” an environmental threat as apposed to a flesh and blood one. I do think my story is unique but I, at least, can clearly see the influences behind it.

That is part of the reason why I don’t know if I want to go through the hard yakka of editing this novel. It’s an experiment, not a piece I intend to publish. A practice run, if you will. And thus part of me says that it’s not over until I edit edit edit to a polished state, that that is all part of the practice.

All I know for sure, well mostly sure, at least… what I think I’ll do is put the novel aside for a while after camp is over, play around with the other half dozen original ideas that have been crowding my mind of late and then when I may, maybe, probably will, come back to The Magician’s of Khora for another pass.

I do know for certain that I have to finish this novel. I have to churn out the full 30,000 words I need to finish it, just so I can say to myself that I do just that, I finished something.

I’m feeling good about what I’ve achieved in week 2. Did this post ramble? It felt like it rambled.

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