Need to get your blog (or story line) more organised? Need an editorial calendar?


Aside from using Scrivener to organise my blog, I’ve started using a new online product called Trello, created by a New York group called Fog Creek Software.

I encountered this piece of online, collaborative, software through my new job and love it. It’s a fantastic tool for organising just about anything.

From work or personal trips, planning a blog or even a story line. It’s an amazing visual organisation tool. For my own uses, it’s an invaluable editorial calendar, but more on that in a minute.

For the purposes of blog planning, here’s how you can use Trello:

How to use it:

  1. Create a board (e.g. Blog planning)
  2. Create cards inside that board (which for some reason are also called lists – e.g. Post Ideas, Flash Fiction Prompts, Image Prompts, Software, Blog site upgrades)
  3. Add description (e.g links to images, websites, the first few paragraphs)
  4. Add labels (these start as colours, but you can edit them to whatever makes you happy)
  5. Assign members, this is great if you are working with other people and totally useless if you’re working alone
  6. Actions, you’ve got multiple choices here, you can create checklists, add a due date, Attach files, Move it to a different board, Subscribe to the list or just archive it

What makes this tool so cool, is the ability to drag list items around. You can move list items up and down or across to other cards.

Even better, and here is the main reason I like to use it for my blog, is the latest addition of a Calendar view.

Once you assign a due date (for me this is the date I want to publish that post) to any item in your cards, it will appear in your calendar on that day. You can drag items around the calendar to reschedule them, or even remove them. You can assign your label colours to be your weekly themes, like Flash Fiction or Image Prompts. In the calendar view, you can see that every post scheduled for a Friday, for example, are all colour coded to Blue for Flash.

I also have a red label for “Warning Days”, days when writing a post might be a challenge. These days might include birthdays, school holidays, public holidays, planned vacations etc. With these red items appearing in my calendar view, I can ensure I have a post pre-planned and scheduled for that day. By creating a label for “scheduled” I know that the post has been written and scheduled in WordPress. This is a fantastic way to make sure you don’t become overwhelmed and overworked.

You can also subscribe to your Trello calendar with ical and send emails directly to your board as well. Now all I need is a way to sync my Trello calendar with my WordPress Editorial Calendar.

If you like being organised with your blogging, your writing or other projects for work or home, I’d highly recommend checking Trello out.


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