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Stephen King wrote his first two books squeezed up beside a washing machine, in a trailer, balancing a child’s desk and a typewriter on his lap. Octavia Butler began writing in a big pink notebook, and Neil Gaiman has a swoon-worthy gazebo. Ernest Hemmingway converted an old carriage house and J.M. Barry completed Peter Pan on a private island in Scotland.

There are as many writing spaces around the world as there are writers. Each one unique, opulent or bare-bones basic with a single united purpose, to get words on paper.

Authors covet writing spaces in the same way they covet time to write, it’s a precious resource and finding the right space can make or break your writing goals, it can welcome or repel your muse.

Today’s post features six lovely authors and their writing spaces in the hopes they will inspire you to carve out your own unique space.

Jenny Bravo - Twitter

Aside from having a pristine writing environment and drinking far too much coffee, Jenny has published three books and just released her Busy Writers Bootcamp e-course. Her blog is a great, inspiring read and her newsletter is both informative and witty.


Fox Emm

Fox Emm is a great copywriter, and editor. She publishes under Fox Emm as well as ghosting for other blogs and is the founder of Spooky Words Press. She’s a fan and writer of extreme horror and splatter punk, definitely your go-to-girl for the spooky and gory. Plus, she has a standup desk which just makes her amazeballs.

Christine Frazier

If you are a wana-be author and you haven’t checked out Christine’s blog, you are missing out on a fantastic resource for information, tips and techniques, plus she draws all the pictures herself. If you’ve seen the “#amwriting” stickers out in the wild, this is the place to get your hands on one for yourself.


Amie McKneeAmie is our newest up & coming author. She posts inspiring images to Instagram as a way to share her own writing journey and keep others motivated to attain their writing goals.


Helen - Scheuerer


As well as being a creative writer and novelist, Helen is also a founding editor for Writers Edit which publishes Kindling, a anthology of creative writing and publishing advice.

K.M Weiland

Ms Weiland is the author of several books, one on structuring your novel and one on outlining your novel, both are accompanied by workbooks. She’s also the author of several fiction books including her latest steampunk novel Storming which I read over the summer break and really enjoyed.


Where do you find your muse? A curtained off corner of the basement, a hidy hole in the lounge room or a converted wardrobe, please share your own writing spaces with the hashtag #thewritespace on social media or post a comment here or on my Facebook page.

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"Don't be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment." Ralph Waldo Emerson


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