NaNoWriMo 2016 Word Count Badges

I made some little NaNoWriMo word count badges to keep me motivated. Please feel free to use them and share them around.

NaNoWriMo Calendars

Planning on doing NaNoWriMo 2015? Then you need a calendar to count off those days and, more importantly, that word count. I’ve created two printable calendars that will help you win NaNo2015. The first calendar is your default 1667 words per day. This is your NaNo stock-standard word count goal. You can check off the…

I did it! 30k

Ahhh, feels good. My goal today was to break that 30k word count and I did it. I hit 30,402 late this afternoon and I couldn’t be happier. Ok so yes, there are 19,598 words left to write, in 11 days, but who cares. Today I broke 30k

NaNoWriMo trials and tribulations

I’m struggling, I’m not afraid to admit it. I was supposed to spend Sunday family & responsibility free to write, write, write… and I failed. I couldn’t brain a single line of text to contribute towards my story. Monday, also a fail. I wrote less then a thousand words yesterday, and none of it towards…

Day 6 update

I start today with 6589 words under my belt. That’s 3.5 parts to act one down on digital paper. Today and tomorrow I would like to write 1667 words a day, my daily target, PLUS a bonus 1746 words. That will bring me back to my target for week one, that’s only an extra 873…

What’s a chapter? What’s a scene?

What’s a scene? The simplest scene takes place in one location, one setting, at one point in time and all of this is from one characters point of view (POV). A more complicated scene might take place in multiple settings over multiple periods in time and even more then one POV, but that’s seriously complicating…

2051 words down

I managed to church out over 2000 words on the train last night which felt great. The first chapter is down and I can start in on chapter two, unfortunately I’m crashing after the events of the last week, including the funeral yesterday. I’m not sure if I’ll manage to write anything, at least anything…

NaNoWriMo starts today

I may have mentioned, just a few times recently, that I’m participating in Novembers National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I’m pledging to write 50,000 words of a novel in one month along with hundreds, or thousands of others around the world. This past month I’ve spent planning the plot for my novel. That’s right, I’m…

Prompt 22

And a leading line from a classic sci-fi novel from one of the greats: Groc me in fullness (bonus points if you can tell me the name of the book and the author)

Prompt 21


Prompt 19

Via some means (radio, iPod, CD, Pandora etc), flick to the first song that comes to hand and write about either the song or pick the first lyrics you here

Prompt 18

(this prompt comes curtesy of my 4 year old, and endless source of writing ideas) Superhero Lemon Yellow Girl