Resist the urge

part1Remember how the other day I was talking about the editing urge? Well it’s struck again. This time it’s in the form of wanting to rewrite part 1 of my book. Ok, not rewrite it, just rework it. I’ve decided that it would work really well as a short story. In fact, I’ve decided that the whole novel would work well as possibly three parts (not the 4 I had planned) with parts one and three working as stand alone short stories with the second part forming a sort of bridge between the two.

I like this idea so much that at 6am I was sitting in bed, markers, pens and notebook in hand plotting out the story arc of part one as a short story while I admired the sunrise and ignored the grumblings of a sleepy husband. I have an outline of the proposed word count for each section along the story arc for part 1, and I’m comparing that to the first six chapters of the story so far. I’m thinking it works well with a 20k word count goal. Broken down as:

1,500 = Background
3,500 = Setup
5,000 = Catalyst/Sub plot
Midpoint now, everything changes
3,500 = Bad guys, all turns to hell
1,500 = Oh woe is me time
5,000 = Big finish, resolution found

Part of me thinks that I should write part 1 from the perspective of one main character and the other part from another MC’s point, but then I keep fighting with myself as to who’s point is best for which half. Currently the chapters switch between three characters, the protagonist, the supporting lead and a minor character who’s story is important to her actions at the end (her chapter needs some tweaking regardless of my decision to rework part 1.

IF I do decide to do this, I will refrain from doing so until after 30th April, UNLESS I reach my 50k word goal earlier, which at this rate is not inconceivable. What I will do though, is structure part 3 with this sort of pacing, think of it like a stand-alone short story of about 30,000 words (I’m thinking the entire novel would then be 20k part 1, 10-15k part 2 and 30k part 3 totalling 60-65k, give or take 10,000 words). My only question to myself then is, how does this affect the passing of the overall story. Can I find a way to create a good flow, with passing that readers will enjoy? I think that requires a little more plotting and planning.

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