“I’d like a refund please.”

“Do you have a receipt.”

“I’m afraid I lost it about fifteen years ago, really didn’t think I’d need it after this long.” The customer tried to hide her embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, our policy clearly states that you need a receipt for a refund.”

“Can’t you do anything?”

“I can give you an exchange.”

“What does that entail?”

“Let me see your life path.” The customer held out her hand, palm up and waited patiently for the sales assistant to read her life story.

“Ok, well, I can give you a new husband, he comes with a son and a daughter.”

“Will he cheat on me?” The sales assistant checked her records, nodding with a sour face.

“Afraid so, seems to be a defect with that old range.”

“What about the kids?”

“The daughter is rebelling so will be dedicated to hating you, the son… oh… afraid he’s going to die in a car accident on the night of your second wedding anniversary.”

“There’s nothing else?”

“Afraid not, well, would you be willing to take an entirely different model, it’s a new line for you, something you considered early in your original path but set aside?”

“I’d consider it.”

“Ok, well I have a great option for you then, here look at the stats.” She turned the monitor towards the customer.

“I’ll take her.”

“Wonderful, you will meet your new wife tomorrow, you might want to wear something dark, because she’s going to poor coffee on you.” The customer looked uncertain now.

“It’s ok, the coffee’s cold and she apologises profusely, it’s actually going to be your fault but she’s going to offer to take you out to dinner.”

“Can you tell me how this will end?”

“Usually I wouldn’t, but I can see your current life path has been a rather rough ride and honestly, I’ve been where you are so, shhh.” The sales assistant placed a finger over her lips and turned the screen once more. The customer smiled happily and placed her hand, palm side down on the life path loader.
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  1. Loved this. Had me at “lost it fifteen years ago”

  2. Evan Gibson says:

    I like your work so far Tracey. Very nice.

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