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Think you can pitch your compleated manuscript in 140 characters or less? That’s the premise of #pitmad a quarterly event that starts again on Thursday 4th June. For those of us in the Southern hemisphere, that’s tomorrow. I’m not sure if that means we get a jump on other authors or we’ll be lost in the mix when the North comes online, I’d hedge my bets and this is how:


  1. Prepare several versions of your pitch (twitter won’t let you pitch the exact same tweet within the hour)
  2. Schedule your pitches using something like Buffer or HootSuite or another app you like. Twice per hour, per manuscript is ample. If you’re in the SH, make sure you time your tweets to line up with NH timezones too.
  3. INCLUDE THE HASHTAG #pitmad (if you don’t do this, you might as well pack up and go home because nobody will see it)
  4. Add a category hashtag –#YA, #MG, #A, #NA, #PB and #NF (do this and you are more likely to be seen by relevant publishers).
  5. If an agent or publisher favorites your tweet, go and find out their submission preferences and get to work ASAP to send them what they ask for.

Do not:

  1. Don’t tweet agents and publishers directly unless they tweet you first.
  2. Don’tfavorite friends tweets, leave it for the agents. You can retweet them though. 

Hashtags and their meanings:

#YA = Young Adult

#MG = Middle Grade

#A = Adult

#NA = New Adult

#PB = Picture Book

#CB = Chapter Book

#SFF = Science Fiction and Fantasy

#CF = Christian Fiction

#CR = Contemporary Romance

#PR = Paranormal Romance

#R = Romance

#LF = Literary Fiction

#HF = Historical Fiction

#WF = Woman’s Fiction

#Mem = Memoir

#NF = Non-fiction


For more information, visit Diana Urban, Carly Watters article

Tracey Ambrose
"Don't be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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