Not the best of days

I’m not having a great health day to day so not a great deal of writing happening. Yesterday I did manage to reach (and surpass) my word count goal which is great. But the lovely spontaneity of the day has caused a “crash” day for me today.

What I’ve decided to do when the writing just wasn’t happening, other then surfing the nanowrimo forum and twitter, is to study up on common mistakes made in the english language. Well, that’s if my brain will cooperate with reading – posting this is a struggle on its own.

My husband likes to tease me when I use “bought” when I mean “brought”, I trained myself out of that by asking myself “did I buy it or bring it”, bring and brought are the correct match (they both have ‘r’ in them).

I make these kinds of mistakes a lot in writing, which makes it hard for people to read my first drafts (or at least it makes it hard for hubby to read them). Regardless of if anyone is reading my work or not, I hate knowing that I’m making basic errors that could be avoided. My biggest problem in my attempt to research and correct this error, is that I don’t actually know which words I’m getting wrong. I’m pretty sure they are all homophones, words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. I’m yet to find a good resource to help with this.

The only websites I’ve found, so far, that might be of us is Which has a list of common mistakes including:

Also, The Oatmeal has another fun looking cartoon list of 10 words they say we need to stop misspelling.

(note: I do not condone dolphin bashing)

Here I go to research more on homophones 🙁

Here’s 200 more:

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    Thank you for your helpful posts! 🙂

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