Not a total waste

So I may not have churned out thousands of words yesterday, and I probably wont do many today either, but on the bright side I’ve pulled out a few weeds (grammatically/spelling related ones) and identified a bunch more.

I quick search through the current manuscript revealed the use of these words an inordinate number of times:

Felt = 59 times

Feeling = 25 times

Said = 48 times

Thought = 68 times

Eye = 81 times – yeah I really need to find some other feature to highlight here


That’s not to mention the multiple “your” to “you are” I also had to make and one or two other gems I picked up from all my googling on homophones I did. There are probably a great deal more easily missed grammar and spelling errors but I’ll get to those ones after I finish my first draft. I also need to work on where I place ‘.’ and ‘,’s along with paragraph structure. I really wish I’d pay more attention to this sort of thing in school.

Tracey Ambrose
"Don't be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment." Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Don’t we all regret not paying attention back in the good ol’ days of free public education? (At least for those of us who DID have free public education). I’m severely wishing I’d tried a little harder in high school as well. But at least with writing, it’s never too late.

    How did you tally those words up?

    1. I entered the word I wanted to search for, such as “eye” at the very top of the first page and then I opened up the “find/replace” feature (cmd F for macs, probably ctr F for PC). Then I had it hunt from the top of the document for the words ‘eye’ every time it was highlighted I counted it (in my head) until I got back to that first one I put at the top – easy peasy.

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