NaNoWriMo trials and tribulations

I’m struggling, I’m not afraid to admit it. I was supposed to spend Sunday family & responsibility free to write, write, write… and I failed. I couldn’t brain a single line of text to contribute towards my story. Monday, also a fail. I wrote less then a thousand words yesterday, and none of it towards my NaNo story – and I’m ok with that actually. It was a struggle to even make myself sit down and write some of the ideas for a new and exciting story I’ve been dreaming of for a few weeks. It’s a juicy, shiny new story that I’m excited about. So when I say it was a struggle to make myself jot down some notes and ideas for a story I’ve been salivating over, you can understand how brain dead I was feeling.

I can only blame several nights of insomnia – and not the fun kind that allows you sit up writing at 2am, but the kind that has you tossing and turning in bed. Last night I switched beds (we are currently staying with family) and slept much better last night.

Having had a good nights sleep has made all the difference today. Yesterday I couldn’t even be bothered to do more then run a quick brush through my hair, today I tried out some new styles before heading downstairs for breakfast. Yesterday I mopped through my actual paid work, today I whipped through it and started on another project I’ve been assigned to. On top of all that, I created Montessori themed activity packs for my nephews christmas presents, responded to some forum posts AND increased my word count by over one thousand words, so I’m pretty pleased with myself.

I have another thousand words to kick out tonight so I shan’t dawdle any longer, just let me leave you with a few passing thoughts:

1) Don’t want to write, procrastinating? JUST SIT THE HELL DOWN AND WRITE

2) You knew waking up this morning that even getting out of bed was a struggle and every attempt to do the above is failing – ok, take the day off but keep yourself open to ideas for other stories, surf the net for writing articles you can bookmark to review when your brain is actually turned on

3) Stuck for ideas in your novel? Get onto a forum and ask for help. Other authors are awesome and they have great ideas that can really get your fingers flying

4) Blank page getting you down? Have no idea what to put there? Break the page down, write a single scene. Decide if it’s a scene that has a goal and devastation or if it’s the reaction to a previous scene that involves that (if it’s neither of these things then it’s probably not worth writing so move on).

5) Still have a blank page? JUST WRITE SOMETHING. I’ve actually sat down and written things like “I have no idea what to write…” and kept going like that until before I know it and idea or word or something pops into my head and I go with it.

6) Meditate. Seriously. Some of my best ideas have come to me just as I’m really supposed to be focussing on that important relaxation moment in the meditation. I always end up ditching the meditation and hitting the keyboard 🙂



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