NaNoWriMo Calendars

Planning on doing NaNoWriMo 2015? Then you need a calendar to count off those days and, more importantly, that word count.

I’ve created two printable calendars that will help you win NaNo2015.

The first calendar is your default 1667 words per day. This is your NaNo stock-standard word count goal. You can check off the days as you go with that growing sense of satisfaction at seeing your word count grow each day. I’ve also provided your weekly goal so if you fall behind one day you can aim to have it back up to the weekly total by Saturday night.








Number two is my personal favorite. Many people, myself included, start out strong with their life goals, new years resolutions and NaNo word counts included. However, we start to slow down as the days and weeks progress. Those lofty goals get pushed aside as “life” gets in the way. Not this month.







With the second calender you have a daily word count that starts off HUGE and then decreases to a piddly couple of hundred words on the last day. But, you also get two “catchup” days in the first and second weeks and one in the third week. I like this method best because, well, you know what they say about good intentions, life happens and you pave that road to hell (if you believe in hell, which I don’t, but I like the metaphor).


The other thing I like about the second calendar is that you can just ignore the daily word count goal and focus on the weekly goal. Strive high in those first two weeks and relax a little in the final two and a bit. I like breathing room, it helps me, well, breath. For those with young kids, chronic illnesses, unexpected work hours etc, seeing a more flexible goal can really relieve the stress – wait, there’s an idea.


Ok, some fiddling with my documents, another screen grab and BAMO I now have a third calendar choice – write your own goal. I’ve added a tiny reminder around the halfway mark to encourage you towards having that 25k by then. Add your own daily goals that fit around your own personal life schedules, do it in advance or at the start of each week when you know how your schedule might fit around your writing.







Good luck everyone, let me know if you find these calendars helpful, share them around as much as you like.


A few other useful NaNo2015 resources are:


P.S – has anyone seen my muse? I’m sure she’s around here somewhere…

Tracey Ambrose
"Don't be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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