Moment of clarity

“Hello?” I said in my most politest voice.

“Is Lyn there please?”

My world came unhinged for a moment, a new piece of reality shifted into place with that simple question.

Everything came together like a jigsaw puzzle receiving a key piece. The whole puzzle wasn’t revealed, but a corner of the image was now clear. My mother had a name.

I was about three or four years old at the time, and, until then, my mother had always just been ‘mum’. It had never occurred to me that she was someone, or something else, to anyone. Now I knew, and I was permanently altered by this reality check.

My mother was no longer ‘just’ mum.

This was the first memory of a reality shifting moment in my life. The first time the puzzle pieces revealed a clear image of the world around me. It was a feeling, a sensation, I was going to become very familiar with throughout the rest of my life. That rush of clarity, exhilaration that I had made a deeper connection with my world. I understood something beyond myself and it was momentous.

Hello world, my mothers name is Lyn!

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