Managing Timelines

I have a new ‘must have’ application to squee about, Aeon Timeline. Create timelines for both current day earth and fantasy settings (even your own universe, worlds, cultures), I would really love to get my hands on this application. Use it to track your current story arcs and model out alternatives, track character relationships between events, people and places. Snazzy filtering systems allow you to sort by character, places, events or arcs. Lock in events so you can’t accidentally alter key points. Best of all, you can export the data to Scrivener!

Interesting post for Scrivener users on using Scriv to manage timelines:

Building and managing story timelines using Scrivener

My current story project is a complex one. It is the first of what I will hope to be a series of interconnected stories. The story is told from multiple viewpoints and in some cases the some of the character have no idea what the others are doing. It spans a period of about 60 days and there are flashbacks included, but the sequence of events is also told slightly out of order. Finally, as this is the first of several stories to take place in this universe, some of the timing of the background events are key to… Read More Building and managing story timelines using Scrivener | Jamie Todd Rubin.


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