Learn to write with William S Burroughs

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about finding interviews from famous authors on writing and storing them in one, easily accessible place. Well, this week the wonderful Cory Doctorow posted an article on Boing Boing that included the youtube recordings of a series of lectures on creative writing (or reading) delivered by William S Burroughs.

In 1979, William S Burroughs delivered a series of lectures on creative writing (though he insisted that he was teaching creativereading — that is, analyzing the writing process by reading, because everyone can be taught to read, but only some will be able to write) at Naropa University. Three of these lectures, running to over four hours, are up on Youtube, covering writing exercises, Brion Gysin, Aleister Crowley, science fiction, General Semantics, and cut-ups. These are excellent listening, and are licensed Creative Commons Attribution-NonDerivs-NonCommerical (as is the rest of the Naropa collection.)

You can read the rest of the article and listen to the recordings, here.

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