Journal Entry: Prompt #6

journalDescribe the most important thing in your life. Describe the 2nd and 3rd most important things. Then the 4th and 5th most important things.

1st: My family is by far the most important thing in my life. If I was to be more specific, I would have to say my son in particular – but I feel that goes without saying really.

2nd: Good days. Having a chronic illness means that I appreciate and hold dear those days when I feel normal, when I can do everything a normal woman my age can do (as rare as hens teeth at present).

3rd: Access to information. By this I mean computers and phones and internet, libraries, books and resourceful, intelligent people.

4th: Effortless weaving days. When I’m up to it, I love nothing more in life then to be left alone to weave for endless hours. These days are almost more rare then my happy healthy days though. More of my weaving time is spent tying on and threading up a new warp or repairing snags or breakages or fiddling with argumentative machines – oh but those days when everything comes together and the shuttle just flies!

5th: I’m not sure if this is fifth or fourth, but brain fog free, cognitively unchallenging days that allow me to sit for hours and write with an open, clear mind – oh the bliss!

I think this is a great exercise to do for your main protagonists and antagonists. Really nut out who they are and what they want, what/who would they kill for or protect with their last dying breath. What gives them moments of pure happiness? Even bad guys have these things. That number 1 item is probably important for that characters motivation.

Note: all my prompts come from here at present and I really appreciate this resource so check it out.

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