Hmmm, about that…

So last month was a washout. I could say that the week of no childcare and seriously over planned activities followed by the week of recovery was at fault. Or maybe the new job I’m trying to take on plus the trip to Wellington it involved was the problem, but the truth is, I’m suffering from a lack of self esteem.

I’ve not written anything for weeks. I just can’t see anything I’m writing as being worth reading and I’m struggling to put an entire story together with a plot that it gripping or even vaguely interesting. The fact that the people (family, friends, Scribophile and NaNo) I had thought would help me out b being good beta readers have all gone silent.

I’m not sure what to do about it all just now. I did however just find a blog I’d forgotten about with some of my old writing on and so I thought I might repost a few things here, just for fun.

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