Fired Up

I’m so fired up about camp. So much so that I’ve put up a pin board behind my desk, just for camp. Currently it has a photo of my son, and I created a checklist of all the Camp Achievement Badges (although I’ve called them Awards) which is now stuck up on the board. Here’s a copy of the pdf incase anyone else wants to print out one for themselves: Camp Nanowrimo Awards

I’ve also created a little ‘Daily Goals’ banner to highlight my sticky note goal for the day. This will usually be just a daily word count, but may be, hours to write that day or words to write per hour that day or possibly the achievement badge I’m going for.

Daily Goal
Daily Goal

I’m also hopping to get items through the postcard swap to help motivate me.

Oh, and then theirs also the cover art mockup I did using an image from Photobucket.



Cover art mockup
Magicians of Khora



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