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journal“I’ve never managed to keep a journal longer than two weeks.”

J. K. Rowling

I’m afraid that I often follow the same path as Ms Rowling when it comes to my journaling. I have a book beside my bed and a pen with it. I also have a laptop, iPad and iPhone not far from my fingers, and yet still I fail to remember to write.

I’ve decided that Monday’s, unless a better day presents itself, will be ‘Journal Day’. I don’t mean this in the sense of me telling you all me deepest darkest secrets or even the mundane aspects of my day, please spare us all that fate. What I am going to do is follow a creative writing exercise called, aptly enough, Journal Prompt’s (all of which you will find here). Thus you can see that the idea is not mine, the subject matter is also not mine, but the actual creative writing aspect will be mine and I may pick and choose which ones I use or I might use them all. Mostly I expect to write from my own personal perspective, but then some may actually be from the perspective of a character I’m currently mulling over – who knows, perhaps that character will start their own journal – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Come Monday 22nd of April, I shall dazzle you all with my tackle the first prompt in the link above and see how it goes.

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