Character Sheet – Lexie Petrone Interview



Why did you become a nurse?

I like helping people.


It feels right. Like an obligation almost.


I don’t know, because my parents killed so many during the wars, this is my chance to give back.

How do you feel about your parents, most people think of them as heroes.

Yep, big damn heroes that gave their lives to end the war, and left their little girl to grow up with their legend instead of their love.

How does that make you feel?

Abandoned, alone. Like I’m constantly walking in their shadow and all eyes are on me.


Growing up everyone would talk about them, we’d do assignments on the war at school, especially around Anniversary day. Tributes to my parents and the other heroes of the war. Then people would start to whisper, and watch me. Teachers would tell me how they expected such great things from me. Recruiters would pick me out at the job fares and ask if I was planning to sign up to military college, just like my parents had. I hated it.


I wanted to be my own person. Not some copy of my parents. And it was like people wanted to me to join the military, then there could be another war and I could fight and give my life like my parents so they could have a whole family of heroes, a collectors set.

And that bothers you?

War isn’t a game. Once enough time passes, people start to treat it like one, hell, the even make actual games that simulate the real deal. War should never be idolised and never should those who fought in it. It’s a tragic event that should never be forgotten, but it should never be repeated and worshiped either. War ruins lives. It’s why I became a nurse. It seemed like the furthest thing from what my parents did.


It helps to repair and save lives I guess.

Why a nurse, why not a doctor?

People don’t notice nurses as much.

Why don’t you want to be noticed?

I had enough of that at school. I prefer peace and quiet and anonymity.


Gives me the space to think.

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