Character Sheet – Edsel Flemming Interview




Why are you a Securities Pilot?

It seemed like a good career choice.


Your always active, doing something. It’s an adrenaline rush every day.


Because you’re always on the edge of your seat, fighting the good fight.


Because we are trying to defend people against injustices.


Because everyone deserves to live their own life, as they choose too.


Because this is your only life, you get one chance to live it.


Because death is permanent.


Because we haven’t found a way to cure that particular illness.


Why are you a Securities Pilot?

It seemed like a good career choice.


Your always active, doing something. It’s an adrenaline rush every day.

Why do you feel the need to keep moving?

I just hate sitting still


Sitting still gives you too much time to think.

Think about what?

Life, past, future, family

Why don’t you want to think about those things?

Don’t really want to talk about it.

Ok, Edsel, let’s talk about something else. Why did you become a Securities Pilot?

I already answered that.

Ok, why did you choose the military?

I was a military brat.

How so?

My dad was military, my parents friends were all military.

Your father died when you were young and your mum left didn’t she?


But you still chose military, why?

My uncle, family friend really, brought me up. He was also military, I grew up my whole life on military bases.

Ok Edsel, why Securities Pilot and not something else?

It’s just Ed, okay. I was a good pilot, learnt to fly before I could drive, seemed a good fit.

Why don’t you want me to call you Edsel?

It’s not my name.

It says Edsel on your file.

It’s my fathers name. I prefer Ed.

Ok, Ed. Was your father a pilot too?

No, ground forces.

Tell me about your father.

Not much to tell. Everyone knows his story anyway.

Humour me.

Whatever. High ranking brass, killed before the end of the last war right before he was to be investigated under suspicion of being a collaborator.

And your mother.

She couldn’t take the shame. The sideways looks, the whispers. The way I look so much like him. So she left.

How did that make you feel?

How do you think it made me feel? Alone. Abandoned. That if maybe I looked different, or had been born a girl she would have stayed or taken me with her.

You said people whispered about your dad? How did you deal with that, growing up?

I ignored it. I got bigger then the other kids so nobody messed with me. And I worked my ass off to prove to everyone that I wasn’t my father. I followed the rules, put in my time and then some. I earned my place and peoples trust.

And your father?

Nobody talks about him, including me. Besides, Dave’s more my dad then anyone else could ever be. That old saying, blood’s thicker then water, bullshit. Your family are the people who raise you, look out for you, care about you and don’t abandon you when things get tough. Blood means nothing.


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