Change is as good as a holiday right…

UPDATE – 3 hours on from my previous post.
I haven’t actually done a great deal of writing today, I think I may have managed a meagre 500 or so words, but, I’ve been plotting. Plotting, planning, replotting, subplotting adding back in a fourth part to the story arc and working out what I want to be happening inside each part and the word count goal. This has no increased my word count to about 80,000 words.

Thank fully this doesn’t mean I scrap anything I’ve written so far (I hope) but obviously there will need to be some tidying up and tightening of various parts of the story. I have a better idea of the story flow now which is good, but daunting. Pantsing feels so much easier and free then planning but I know that just writing whatever enters my head is not¬†necessarily going to make for a good end story – past experience and mountains of incomplete stories hiding their sorry heads.

Tomorrow is child free day, I feel like I have something important happening but I’m just going to hope that isn’t true and I can dedicate my day to writing 6,500 words that will complete part 2, introduce some subplots, close a subplot (that is going to be important for the main plot, I think) and progress the story with a little more actual use of magic. How can I be 30k in and not have it overflowing with magic? It’s a book a about magicians for goodness sake!

Ok, tonight I’m taking a break, at least for a while. I’m going to make my family venison burgers for dinner and do some pickling and sauce making with hubby and before that I’m going to do a whip around my house zen cleaning style. Clean, tidy house, clean tidy mind.

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