Camp Day 2 – Muse

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 9.54.12 PMYesterday I was up with the sun writing my fingers off, full of inspiration, the words flowing from brain to keyboard with little effort. Today however, has been a hard slog. I think I do my best writing first thing in the morning and my worst in the late afternoon with a second burst in the early evening.

Unfortunately today’s good writing times were pretty much booked up with family obligations and when I did get three solid hours in the late afternoon it felt a great deal like my muse had fled the building. Everything I wrote seemed rubbish. I even deleted a solid 500 words at one point (which I don’t count towards my word goal).

I’m still struggling with who or what my “muse” actually is. It seems to have a different idea of what a muse is or isn’t for them. I’d like to have a picture or statue of my muse, something I can look at in the real world, something I can touch and focus on, pray and beg too. My brain’s already taken up with intangibles, I need one that’s not stuck inside my head.

Still, I’ve managed to write around 6525 words in total which puts me well over the 10% mark and solidly towards my 25% goal. I had set a personal goal today to finish chapters 4 & 5, but I’m unsure if I’ve really done that. Chapter 5 seems to lacking something in the way of character development. I’m finding it hard to express my characters personalities clearly on the page. I know that I can go back after camp and pull out the red pen of editing magic (I just made that up, but it could be a thing), and flesh out the characters more at that time. Concentrate now on just getting the main body of the story out there, find the links in the various chapters, make sure the plot and subplots all work etc etc. That just feels, hmm, unfinished maybe, slack even.

I’ll see how things go tomorrow. I have a few things to do in the morning, including a restorative yoga session which will, hopefully, help to relax me and clear my brain ready for a creative session for the remainder of the day. It will be the first day of camp sans husband and child and dinner is already in the fridge, bliss.

On another note, I’m not expecting to post much else other then camp updates and possibly other story chapters I’m working on for camp, this will last for all of April.

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  1. mickisclark says:

    Your muse must be out having coffee with mine. I’m seven chapters in and all of a sudden seem to have forgotten who they are. I’m debating revising what I wrote last night or just soldiering on–I think I’m almost going to have to revise, just because if I don’t fix this character issue, the rest of the manuscript’s going to have it (it’s narrated in the first person).

    Best wishes for a productive writing session!

    1. We should put locator chips on our muses

  2. I have learned when my best writing times are, and have found to try to write outside of those times… often a lost cause. I know that it is said we have to write to get the story out, but sometimes it seems impossible when we write at different times than those we are most productive!

    1. I was so surprised the other night when I was just browsing the web at about 10pm before I settled down for bed when suddenly inspiration hit and I wrote nearly 2000 in an hour I would normally have been sound asleep

      1. That would be InCrediBLe!!! I love those moments, yeah last night I managed to hammer out over 500 words in less than 15 minutes, I was thrilled, because it meant I hit my daily goal. I always write in the evening, not sure why, but I have slowed down from my day and its like, my mind is ready to cooperate *grins* Crazy how that muse strikes when she wants isn’t it?

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