Blood Charm

Blood Charm II by garygill

“But what do you have there young one?” Tai raised her hand to towards her necklace, the only piece of her family, her home, her past that remained to her.

“It’s nothing, just a piece of jewellery that belonged to my mother.”

“That child, is anything but simple jewellery.” He reached a wizened hand out towards her chest and the necklace, Tai took a step backwards further out of the old mans reach. He mad no move to follow her, simply held his hand in front of the charm and closed his eyes. A warm glow filled her chest where the charm sat, Tai gasped.

“Blood charm.” All heads turned to Tai and the charm. “A powerful one at that. The wearer of that stone could become a great warrior, virtually unstoppable in battle.”

“It’s not, it’s just a trinket my mother wore. Stop it, stop starring at me. It’s not a blood charm, its not.” Tai turned from the intense eyes locked on her and the charm, and ran into the woods behind them.

It wasn’t a blood charm, it was just a necklace, a simple piece of jewellery her mother had given her. Given her while a battle raged around them and their home burnt to the ground. Her mother had placed the charm into her small hands, it had seemed so large back then, everything was so confusing. Tai remembered her mother cutting her finger, she had cried out at the sudden pain, already terrified from the fighting and heat surrounding them.

“Blood to blood, I give this charm to my daughter, Tai, freely. Protect her from harm as you have protected me.” Tai remembered her finger being pressed to the face of the charm, the red glass beads had pulsed with the light of the fire as her blood smeared across the charms surface.

Then her mother had slipped the chain around her neck. The last thing Tai remembered from that night was her mother raising her in her arms and hugging her fiercely, then she threw her across the small stream into the arms of Faluk, the leader of the traveling folk. He had pressed her face into his chest and ran.

That was the last she had seen of her family. Faluk had sent people back several days later, but all that remained was ashes.
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  1. noveljoyblog says:

    Intriguing story! Did you draw the image (of who I can only assume must be Tai) yourself? Is this from your NaNo story?

    1. The art is by gargill on deviant art, and nope, not from my Nano story, just something that popped into my head when I saw this picture.

  2. Kira says:

    Please, please tell me that there is more of this story?!? I would really like to read some more 🙂 I was hooked from the start!!

    1. Unfortunately that is all there is… for now. I do intend on expanding that story further, I’m also considering putting her into the same universe as the short story Rider.

      1. Kira says:

        I hope you do expand it more…it was really good 🙂

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