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(Dreamland – Above than clouds by *Anuk)

It was one of those rare lazy days in Wolkin city, where everyone was at a loss for anything substantial to do. On a small floating island at the very outskirts of the city, the Bridisle family were feeling a little glum on this particularly nothing kind of day.

Melony found herself on the hillside blowing bubbles into the powder blue morning, thinking maudlin thoughts about the insubstantial nature of all things, as each bubble blossomed and popped before her.

Milly, lounged on the grass at the edge of the vegetable garden daydreaming, while Smudge smudged her face. Milly was also thinking emotional thoughts, although hers were more focussed on wishing the scarecrow she had made the previous day would come to life and be everything she had dreamed he could be, while stuffing further handfuls of straw into his puffy shirt, and that the smooches on her check came from him, and not her rotund ginger cat.

It seemed to be a day for sentimental daydreaming, Lilly sat, unmoving, in her favourite swing halfway up the Umbra tree that shaded their island home. While Linal sulked above her on the ladder to the bird houses. Both were consumed with their own perceived injustices delivered onto them by the other.

Ma had managed to find some ‘make work’, chores that didn’t really need to be done but could be done if one was that desperate. She had pulled out an old chest of oddments that had once belonged to her grandmother and had dedicated her morning to the washing and airing of the various items she’d found. The work was neither satisfying nor interesting and thus Ma found her own thoughts wondering along paths she would rather leave unexplored.

Even the dog had decided the day would be better spent curled in upon himself rather then chasing the cat, the birds or the unsuspecting sheep.

You can see then, how the unexpected arrival of a sailing ship, flying towards Brid island, their home, might elicit a great deal more excitement then it really warranted at first glance.

Linal slid through the small chilly clouds as he scampered down the umbra ahead of Lilly who had to stand on the swing and a climb hand-over-hand to the trunk, before she could slither down the wooden steps. Milly and Melony bounced beside each other at the hitching post, waiting for someone aboard the small vessel to throw them a line. Ma gave the shawl in her hands a final flick, before she pulled herself back in through the window and, now nobody could see her, skipped quickly down the internal stairs two-at-a-time, she was just as excited as the children to see who had come to call.

A lone figure stood at the helm, there was no way to tell if the captain was male or female as all distinguishing features were covered up with a thick leather jacket, a large flying hat and goggles.

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