Journal Entry: Prompt #4

Prompt: Hold your hands out in front of you, palms down. Imagine that you have a total of six strings tied around your fingers. Write about the objects that are dangling from the strings.

  • A doll
  • A pair of scissors
  • A pair of shoes
  • A book
  • A bed
  • A dress

And here’s what I came up with:

The rag doll reached her hand out longingly towards the luxurious ball gown with it’s matching pair of silver slippers.  She didn’t dare touch the sheer fabric for fear she might dirty it, or worse, tear the fabric. But oh, how she wished she could wear something so divine just once. Hearing the tap tap of plastic heels on the doll house stairs, Raggedy Kate dropped back onto the bed and picked up her book, pretending to read, before Diva found her ogling the dress. Unfortunately, as she sprang away from the clothes, her foot caught the corner of the small table holding the silver slippers. Just as Diva opened the door the table toppled over, dropping the slippers onto the ground at the PlasticFantastic dolls feet. The doll house floor was thick with dust, one small delicate satin slipper skidded to a stop at Diva’s feet, a black streak visible along its side even from Raggedy Kate’s position on the bed.

“You’ve ruined it! I told you to stay away from my new things, are your ears full of stuffing too you saggy baggy rag.” Diva picked up the soiled shoe, and threw it at Raggedy Kate.

“I’m sorry Diva, I’m really really sorry. I didn’t touch anything. Please Diva, I don’t know how the table fell.” Raggedy Kate pleaded with the irate doll who towered above her, fuming. Diva picked up the other shoe as Raggedy Kate cowered on the bed, pressed against the headboard, her book held up like a shield to protect her.

Diva’s features altered from fury to calculated evil as her eyes locked on the book in Raggedy Kate’s hands. Her red painted lips stretched out into a wicked grin, contorting her beautiful features into something horrific as she pulled a pair of scissors from her accessories bag.

“No Diva, please don’t.” Raggedy Kate pleaded as she attempted to hide her precious book behind her back. It was the only possession she had. Unlike Diva, who had a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes, bags and hats, Raggedy Kate’s clothes were all attached to her. The book was the only item she had come with so many years ago. Diva had new things arriving several times a year wrapped in glittering papers, but Raggedy Kate had never gotten anything new.

There was no stopping the vexed plastic doll, one of her long, hard arms reached behind Raggedy Kate’s soft body and ripped the small book easily out of the rag dolls grasp, the scissors glinted as they caught the light from bedroom window. Pieces of paper showered down around the small room at the top of the dolls house as Diva danced around, cutting away in short sharp snips from the corners of poor Raggedy Kate’s book. The distraught doll could only sit like and watch the destruction of her one possession, wishing she could cry like the baby doll, or fight like the action hero toys.

Diva threw the remains of the book onto the floor with a thud, flipping her golden hair over her shoulder she turned and left the room without another word or the slightest hint of guilt. Once the tap tap of her heals receded once more down the stairs, Raggedy Kate slipped quietly off the small bed and began to sweep the tiny specs of paper into a pile, collecting the remains of her book in her lap she stared distraughtly out the bedroom’s giant window and thought about leaving the dolls house and the big house, finding a new home with no PlasticFantastic dolls like Diva.


This was such great fun to write, I had no idea what was going to do with all those items at first and then it all just happened.
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